Using Monitors Attached to Another Computer as Extended Screens on Your Main PC

I have been finetuning my office-at-home recently, and it turns out I have lots of computer screens available. However, it is not always easy to connect multiple (like 4) screens to one computer or laptop. What if you could use a piece of software to extend your available screens onto another computer entirely?

That’s where spacedesk comes in…

  1. Ensure both computers or laptops are on the same LAN
  2. Install the server software on your main PC (the one you actually want to work on)
    Windows 10 64 bit or 32 bit or Others
  3. Install the client software on the machine that has spare monitors (you are just going to use these as slaves to the main pc)
    Windows or Others including Apple etc
  4. Launch the client software
  5. Click on the server PCspacedesk VIEWER - BETA O.g.g.z.52 (expiry date: December 31st 2018) 
File View Functionality Settings Help 
Connect to Primary Machine (Server) 
META80X1 ( 

  6. A window launches, you can use View – Full Screen
  7. Repeat steps 4-6 for each secondary monitor you want to add from other pcs
  8. These show up in Windows and you can adjust resolution:



Basically this is screen extension or mirroring technology, so you will still be bound to network speed and may experience some compression, because your main pc is actually sending frames over the network to the other pc. Overall, it seems to work quite well.

Go crazy with multiple monitors people!

Read the documentation here

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