Wondering Why Your Worksets Button is Grayed out in Revit 2015 Update 7 with C4R v4?

This is ‘on purpose’, and it represents a new workflow. See below from Autodesk:
 … the new intended workflow: For file-based collaboration, as well as for Revit Server based collaboration, you would click the Collaborate button and select the LAN/WAN option.  This will create the default worksets and enable worksharing, after which you would save the model as a new central to the location of your choice (typically a local file share or a Revit Server host.)

So, the correct way to enable worksharing on non-workshared models is to click the Collaborate button, then to choose “Collaborate within your network”, as per the image below. Then Save the Central as previously. Finally, in a usual work environment you would immediately close the Central, and create a new Local before starting production work.

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