Revit 2015 Security Update Released (Update Release 2)

Check your Autodesk Application Manager:

Revit 2015 will now read “Update Release 2” in the About box:


Direct download link for Revit 2015 Update 2:

Also see:

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9 years ago

Thanks for the info.

Neither Update 1 or Update 2 are listed/available on Autodesk website.

The Application Manager better not be the only way to get this information and downloads. If it is, this is a problem for Enterprise companies that manage installs and updates who don't want to use Application Manager.

Aaron Maller
9 years ago

The Update Releases are available as direct downloads. Per Autodesk QA, they *should* be showing up on the website shortly. But there are direct download links to them.

Luke Johnson
9 years ago
Reply to  Aaron Maller

Thanks Aaron. I think if you got the filename, and then add to the start of it, you would possibly have a direct link. Works for Update 2.