Want a Tree View of the Model Elements in all your Worksets?

A new Revit addin from Dima over at dp stuff can do that – it looks like this:

The tool is pretty straightforward, so I will try to describe just in a few words how it works (the demo video in the beginning of the post shows it as well).
– assuming you already installed the WorksetExplorer, run the tool from dpStuff Utils in Add-on tab.
– the dialog box will open and in the “tree” your elements will be sorted by workset, then by category, then by family, then by type.
– every “branch” will have a name and the amount of elements on it in parentheses.
– once you see something that shouldn’t be on a particular workset then you can select the branch and click “Select Elements” button – that will add elements that belong to this branch to selection.
– now you can send them to the workset they are supposed to be on.
– repeat until all worksets are in good shape.
You can download the WorksetExplorer add-on from our download page or directly from this link.

dp Stuff: WorksetExplorer Revit Add In – What’s On Your Worksets?

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11 years ago

thanks for share...