How to get your Autodesk software on a CD, DVD or USB drive

You are a Subscription Customer who is having trouble with your download and would like to obtain a physical copy of your Autodesk software.

As a Subscription Customer, you can login to Subscription Center to request the physical media (e.g., CD, DVD, or USB—depending on the product) associated with the software licenses you have purchased on Subscription.

To request physical media of your Autodesk software, follow the steps below.

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Autodesk – Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis Professional Services & Support – How to get your Autodesk software on a CD, DVD or USB drive

If you want to format the USB media and you are having trouble, have a look at:
Repurposing the Autodesk USB Media
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I am currently installing Building Design Suite Premium 2012 from the shiny USB stick we received yesterday.  There are just two quick tips that I wanted to share with you:

  1. If your packaging does not have a Serial Number printed on it, you will need to log in to Subscription Center, go to Contract Administration and then click Coverage Report.  From here you should be able to find your Serial Number.
  2. If you want to use the ‘UK Terminology’ in Revit Structure (as previously posted about on various blogs), there is an option in the installation – see image below:

My installation took about 50 mins – and I installed every product.  Enjoy!

      Autodesk – Autodesk Revit Architecture Services & Support – How to download a previous release of an Autodesk Design & Creation Suite:


      You are an active Subscription Member and have upgraded to an Autodesk Design & Creation Suite, and would like to download a previous release of the Suite, or one of Autodesk software components within the Suite.


      As a Subscription Member, you can download and activate the latest release, or previous releases, of eligible Autodesk products. You can activate one release of a product, suite, or the components of a suite, per license, purchased on Subscription.

      Generally, if you purchased a license on Subscription for the first release of a Design & Creation Suite, then you can download and activate a previous release of the Autodesk software components within the Suite.

      To download the product software for which you are eligible, follow the instructions for How to download a previous release of Autodesk software.

      You can now download a ‘Customer Questions and Answers’ document from Autodesk, relating to the Autodesk Software Download process.

      It is available at this link, but you will need to login to Subscription to access it. If you don’t have Subscription or can’t be bothered logging in, you can access the same document at this link.

      So, why is Autodesk making software download the default delivery method? According to the document:

      “By making new product releases available for download, Autodesk is making it possible
      for Subscription customers to immediately begin using the most current version of the
      software as soon as it is released.
      And, making software download the default upgrade delivery method reduces the
      environmental impact of producing and shipping materials worldwide. If all Autodesk
      Subscription customers downloaded their software instead of ordering a boxed shipment
      with physical media and packaging, together we would reduce carbon emissions by
      almost 80 percent, or the CO2 equivalent of driving 1,670,733 miles (2,688,784
      kilometers). That’s like driving a mid-size car around the world 67 times.”

      And what if your Subscription runs out?
      “19. Will I be able to access software downloads on Subscription Center after my
      Subscription contract expires?
      There is a grace period of 30 days after your contract(s) expires, during which time you
      can access the download pages and the Request DVD/CD link.”

      If you are a Autodesk Subscription customer, you should login to the subscription site and check out the new product download page.

      You can now download the current release as well as the previous release of the software from the subscription site.

      “To download the current release of your Autodesk software, select the product title below. To download previous releases of your software, select the Previous Release tab and then choose a product title.”

      You can also view a log of how many times each item has been downloaded.

      So now you know HOW you will be able to get 2011 – the next question is – WHEN?

      As you know, Autodesk is now making software available as a ‘Download’ by default for Subscription customers – you won’t automatically receive a boxed version. However, if you still wish to receive a boxed version, you can.

      I received an email from a reseller that outlined how to change your Autodesk subscription delivery preference. These steps are shown below: To change the delivery method:

      1) Follow this link to log into the Autodesk Subscription site.

      2) Login using your userID and password. (If you don’t have a UserID and Password refer to the Q&A below.)

      3) Select My Profile.

      4) Select your delivery preference.

      5) Scroll to the bottom of the page and check the delivery address is correct. If not select Edit Location.

      Thanks to ADA CADPartners Pty Ltd for this guide.

      Revit is a very acceptable OOTB (out of the box) tool. If you are using Revit OOTB, there are really only two variables that determine your productivity. Assuming you have zero customised content, these variables are:

      • your own skill and ability
      • the performance of your computer

      We are all working to try and keep our skills on the cutting edge. But is your hardware keeping up its end of the bargain? Our company made a significant investment into some middle to top-of-the-line workstations a few months ago, for which I am very grateful. If you are looking to purchase a new system, or upgrade an existing one, you should definitely review the
      Model Performance Technical Note (you may have accessed this via Subscription, but this is a direct link to the PDF).

      The following AUGI forum links may also be of assistance to you:

      Revit 2010 – Graphics Cards that work (and those that don’t)

      Happy with your hardware?

      Video card D3D compatibility – Revit 2010 on Vista / Win7

      Revit Running on Intel Mac

      Non-Mac hardware benchmarks using the 2009 benchmark journal

      Rendering speed in Windows 7 64 & Revit 2010 64bit

      Feel free to comment if you have any thoughts or recommendations.