As you know, Autodesk is now making software available as a ‘Download’ by default for Subscription customers – you won’t automatically receive a boxed version. However, if you still wish to receive a boxed version, you can.

I received an email from a reseller that outlined how to change your Autodesk subscription delivery preference. These steps are shown below: To change the delivery method:

1) Follow this link to log into the Autodesk Subscription site.

2) Login using your userID and password. (If you don’t have a UserID and Password refer to the Q&A below.)

3) Select My Profile.

4) Select your delivery preference.

5) Scroll to the bottom of the page and check the delivery address is correct. If not select Edit Location.

Thanks to ADA CADPartners Pty Ltd for this guide.

I had this great idea this morning – why can’t we do a ‘search by sketch’ of images or other data?

In other words, you draw a small sketch of something, and then the search engine returns results that are similar to or related to that sketch.

First I thought ‘quick, I better blog about this, before someone else does!’, but then I thought, ‘I better see if this exists yet…’

And, it does. Have a look at retrievr. I did not have great results when trying this out, as it is ‘experimental’.

If you want to search through some 3D models using a 2D sketch and keywords, have a look at Princeton 3D Model Search Engine.

There is a paper written on the subject. It is called 3D content-based search using sketches.

The next logical question is – is there some software that I can download that can perform this search on my own images?

Check out the vid below:

For more information, check out

I foresee a time (in the not too distant future) when a full blown image search engine will be available, that takes either a sketch or uploaded image as input, and returns a list of images in order of similarity. Perhaps you can also specify a ‘tolerance’ value, that filters out the least similar and simply does not show them.

If you know of any technology or software similar to this, please comment.