These are simply direct links to be able to access the trial download for 2017 Autodesk AEC products, you will still need valid serial numbers if you wish to activate.


You will be interested to note that on first launch, this splash screen may pop up:


Live links:
Revit 2017 Part 1 | Part 2
Revit LT 2017 Part 1 | Part 2

Building Design Suite Ultimate 2017

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Building Design Suite Premium 2017

Navisworks Manage 2017

Navisworks Simulate 2017

Advance Steel 2017

AutoCAD 2017

AutoCAD MEP 2017

AutoCAD Design Suite Ultimate 2017

EDIT try this link first and click Start once the pane loads:

From CADsoft consulting:
Go to
select the Customer Service button at the bottom of the home page.

Customer Service

Select the ASK button on the next page and the Virtual Agent will launch giving you access to a Download Links selection, as well as other choices.
Virtual Agent
Read more:

Interestingly, the Virtual Agent also has a “Top 10 Downloads of the Week” option.  The result is pretty interesting:


EDIT2 – These links should all be ok now.

Note – copy and paste these links, they are not clickable

These are working:
RAC 2014
RST 2014
RMEP 2014
Revit LT 2014

To download, you could use admintool download as per this link, or just use any download manager.

Revit 2014 download link should be:
working now! (not yet live, not working 3.30pm 1 April 2013)

Here is the vanilla AutoCAD 2014 link:

Some things are missing (not live yet), and I guess they will become available soon, like:

Some notes and other links:{64CFA19F-6192-4CD5-AA9E-77334D584BE2}/SETUP_x86.tar.lzma2
(I don’t know what this is for, it was started during the auto download and install process)

Direct link to the download manager:

This will install or upgrade Akamai Netsession.  If you want to learn more about Akamai and Autodesk products, check out this link.

The key folder for Akamai is still C:UsersUSERNAMEAppDataLocalAkamai

C:Program FilesCommon FilesAutodesk SharedAutodesk Download ManagerDLMSession.exe

Link to the downloader / installer: 

A few things happen when the downloader / install launches, like:
/url “” /akamai /auth authparam /sid SESSION_ID

2013/4/1:14:50:48    LJ    LJ-NOTEBOOK    Download    Play    SETUP_CONFIG{64CFA19F-6192-4CD5-AA9E-77334D584BE2}/SETUP_x86.tar.lzma2

Here is how you can download Revit 2013 using Firefox with Downthemall, and without having to Register or Login or use Akamai:

  1. Install Firefox and Downthemall
  2. Open Firefox, hit ‘Alt’ – Tools – Downthemall Tools – Manager
  3. Hit the Plus sign
  4. Paste the link you want from the list below into the ‘Download’ field
  5. Put in the ‘Referring page’ field
    (“Referring URL” in other download managers)
  6. Set your download location in ‘Save Files in’
  7. Hit Start!

Links to copy / paste into download manager:

Revit 2013 – combined

Revit 2013 – LT

Revit 2013 – Architecture

Revit 2013 – Structure

Revit 2013 – MEP

NOTE 1 – Autodesk has kinda given approval to using your own download manager before.

NOTE 2 – You could also use Flashget and manually set the referrer

EDIT – Other Autodesk product links (use referrer shown above)

AutoCAD 2013 – vanilla

You can now download a ‘Customer Questions and Answers’ document from Autodesk, relating to the Autodesk Software Download process.

It is available at this link, but you will need to login to Subscription to access it. If you don’t have Subscription or can’t be bothered logging in, you can access the same document at this link.

So, why is Autodesk making software download the default delivery method? According to the document:

“By making new product releases available for download, Autodesk is making it possible
for Subscription customers to immediately begin using the most current version of the
software as soon as it is released.
And, making software download the default upgrade delivery method reduces the
environmental impact of producing and shipping materials worldwide. If all Autodesk
Subscription customers downloaded their software instead of ordering a boxed shipment
with physical media and packaging, together we would reduce carbon emissions by
almost 80 percent, or the CO2 equivalent of driving 1,670,733 miles (2,688,784
kilometers). That’s like driving a mid-size car around the world 67 times.”

And what if your Subscription runs out?
“19. Will I be able to access software downloads on Subscription Center after my
Subscription contract expires?
There is a grace period of 30 days after your contract(s) expires, during which time you
can access the download pages and the Request DVD/CD link.”