This page will be updated to show as much detail as possible on all new features and improvements released in each Revizto update.

Features Released in each Revizto Update

Release 4.13

Build 53385, Version Number, Date 2019-12-31

Major Features (link):

  • Ability to mark up attached image & 360 photo
  • Spell Checker for Windows/Mac
  • Support of Bentley Microstation (Alpha version)
  • Ability to mark up photos on iPad
  • Improved Markup Editor

Release 4.12

Build 53051, Version Number, Date 2019-12-10

Major Features (link):

  • Sheet Compare
    • Compare different sheets and versions in real-time
    • Create and track issues on Compare View
    • View markups on original sheet version for each issue; compare with current sheet version
    • Visually align sheets for comparison if needed
    • Additional Features & Enhancements

Other Features:

  • Halftone mode for 2D sheets
  • New filters for issues including: Deadline, Closing Date, Date of Creation
  • Ability to sort issues by title
  • Improved drag controls for point-to-point ruler mode
  • Ability to control visibility distance of clash icons in 3D scene
  • New, faster rendering engine for 2D sheets and improved PDF support
  • New Plugin for Navisworks Simulate 2020

Release 4.11

Date 2019-10-17

Major Features (link):

  • Integration with Procore RFI. All the valuable information coordinated and collaborated on in Revizto can feed directly into Procore RFI in one easy-to-access location and powerful workflow.
  • Create stamps directly from authoring software: Revit, Navisworks, AutoCAD, ArchiCAD, Vectorworks, Tekla.
  • Enhancements for saved issue filters: easily find a desired filter through search; reorder filters alphanumerically if needed.
    Rhino 6 plugin
  • Vectorworks 2020 plugin

Release 4.10

Date 2019-09-20

Major Feature (link):

  • Integration with BIM 360 Docs and BIM 360 Team for Revizto Documents. It includes the ability to
    • browse BIM 360 hosted files within Revizto,
    • attach them to issues,
    • convert hosted PDFs to sheets,
    • make selected documents available offline for on-site work

Release 4.9

Date 2019-08-21

Major Feature (link):

  • Revizto Documents
    • View files from Box, Procore, BIM 360 inside Revizto
    • Attach documents to issues
    • Link sheets to CDE-hosted PDFs to see the actual version with no need to re-export
    • Make selected documents available offline for on-site work

Other Features:

  • Two-factor authentication support
  • Vectorworks plugin
  • Project gallery: project options dialog redesigned
  • 2D sheet revisions panel redesigned

Release 4.8 Special Update

Date 2019-05-16

Major Features (link):

  • Support of Revit 2020, AutoCAD 2020, Navisworks 2020.
  • Ability to send multiple issues to Procore at once through multi-edit.
  • Ability to turn automatic project updates off in preferences (may be useful when using slow cellular connection).
  • Ability to attach 360 photos from camera roll to issues on the iPad.
  • Support of Autodesk Inventor 2019.

Release 4.8

Date 2018-08-31

Major Features (link):

  • Issue Stamps
    Accelerate your markup workflow with Issue Stamps. This new feature will enable you to identify project issues with a single click and automate the reporting and management of those issues.
  • OBJ Import
    Easily import your reality capture models into Revizto with the new OBJ Import tool.
  • Bi-directional clash status synchronization with Navisworks
    Enhance your clash detection process with bi-directional clash status synchronization between Revizto and Navisworks.
  • Export to IFC
    Ability to export Revizto projects to IFC format.
  • High res images in the Issue Tracker
    Revizto Issue Tracker now supports high resolution images up to 4K – including markups over both 3D and photos.
  • Ruler in VR
    Explore and define issues accurately with our new Ruler tool in Virtual Reality.
  • Toggle between grids and levels of sub-models
    Navigate your model even easier with the ability to toggle between grids and the levels of the sub-models in your project.
  • Hebrew support for text input

Revizto 4.7

Date 2018-04-24

Major Features (link):

  • Displaying multiple issue markups on sheets. In this mode, you can see all markups related to selected sheet.
  • Ability to export any of your sheets to PDF with its markups, based on issue filtering and presents.
  • Ability to create custom filters presets in the Issue Tracker (for both reporting and filtering).
  • Ability to update issues brought in from BCF. New workflow to allow Solibri clash detection integration through BCF.
  • Integration with Tekla, so you can export directly from Tekla with our plugin.
  • Display of double-sided materials
  • New optional access limitation for ‘export to .exe / save as’
  • Support of Revit 2019
  • Support of Navisworks 2019
  • Support of AutoCAD 2019
  • Performance improvements


Note: More historical entries and additional detail for each Revizto update will be progressively added…


When Revizto Stamps were first released, I didn’t fully understand how powerful they would become – but now, Stamps are probably the most widely used method of issue creation in the entire Revizto ecosystem. A Stamp is basically an “Issue Template”.  If you have a particular type of issue or problem or question that regularly comes up on your projects, you create a Stamp so that you don’t have to keep entering the same data over and over again. These stamps can be pre-tagged, prioritised, and pre-assigned, and that creates real efficiencies across your entire project team and lifecycle.

Up until now, Stamps could only be created inside the Revizto Viewer – but as of Revizto 4.11 (released today), you can now create a Stamp issue from Revit or Navisworks (or other software with the Revizto plugin).

Here’s how to do it in Revit (the workflow is similar in all platforms):

  1. Open a Revit project that is connected to a Revizto project
  2. While reviewing the model or drawings, click the New Issue button

  3. On the issue creation screen in Revizto, click the ST button (this allows you to apply the Stamp to the new issue):

  4. Select the relevant Stamp from the list:

  5. Optionally edit the pre-filled issue title to add more detail
  6. Add any desired markups with the markup tools
  7. Click Done

The above workflow can also be performed from a Revit Sheet (creating an issue on the 2D sheet that has been synced from Revit to Revizto):

If you want to adjust the Stamp pin position (for 3D issue):

  1. Go to the issue
  2. Click 3D on the far left
  3. Click Update 3D at the top

  4. Move the pin in 3D space
  5. Click Done

The above workflow to move a pin position is similar for 2D issues, but you should click on the Markup icon on the far left, and then click Edit Markup at the top of screen.


This new feature will further increase the already widespread use of Revizto Stamps, and in turn improve the consistency of data applied to issues… regardless of what platform you are using to review or markup your designs!


Also in this new version is enhanced Procore integration, and Vectorworks 2020 support. Full release notes copied below…

Revizto 4.11 Release Notes

Version : 4.11.52232 (17 October 2019)
Revizto app

– Direct integration with Procore RFI module. Ability to elevate Revizto issues to new or existing RFIs. Once the issue is elevated, its status will be locked – it will reflect the status of the RFI. All RFI status changes will be reflected in Revizto issue.
Important note: the integration with Coordination Issues module of Procore has been discontinued in favour of direct RFI integration.
– Ability to create stamps from plugins (Revit, Navisworks, etc). There is a new stamp button on the issue creation screen that allows converting issue to stamp upon creation.
– Enhancements for saved issue filters: ability to search by name and apply alphanumeric ordering.
– Clearing the cache for Revizto projects now has several options. For example, it now allows removing all project files to save space on the hard drive, while keeping export settings.
– Increased the character limit to 100 characters for stamp category names.

Revizto plugins

– Vectorworks 2020 support.
– Rhino 6 support.

All Revizto products

– Stability improvements and bug fixes.