Paolo has posted an interesting bit of code that basically allows you to pick a floor element, and it will add points to a topography so that the topo follows the “points” on the Floor.

A very interesting solution to a common problem, namely, the (currently) limited functionality of topo tools in vanilla Revit.

Download here
“Anyway here you can find the code I’ve used
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One of the most popular addins for Revit to date is the simple section box tool by Coins. But what about doing the same thing in 2D? Paolo has put together a macro (and shared the code) that crops a Plan view around a selection of elements. Nice job!

From Punto Revit:

I’ve been asked by a  reader if it is possible via Revit API to crop a plan view around a selection of objects, if there are no scope boxes associated it can be done in a fairly easy way.

You can find the code here

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Here is something new and exciting… a RFA family that has a nested RVT, and the nested RVT has a linked nested DWG.

If you close the RFA, edit the doubly nested DWG, and re-open the RFA = the DWG geometry will be updated.

If you edit the nested RVT and save it, you can right click in the Project Browser on the RVT link and click Reload From… – if you select the same file, it will update as expected.

You even have access to Visibility / Graphics for the Revit link inside the family:

If you lock geometry in the family to the DWG or to the RVT and reload, the constraint will drive the geometry in the family environment.

A couple of caveats: the linked RVT won’t be visible when you load and place the family in a project, and you need to physically open the family in order to force a reload on the nested links…

While I’m sure this is unsupported, I think it could potentially be useful for office content management, or perhaps it could be used to drive repeated geometry within a family (array?) or across multiple families.

This workaround is achieved through the inplace family to component family method I have posted about before. I had to edit the inplace family, then select the RVT link in the Project Browser to allow copy / paste.

Download the files I created and try it for yourself at:

(the main file is Loadable RFA with Linked RVT and Linked DWG nested inside.rfa)

Idea comes from Paolo at:
Punto Revit: RVT Links into RFA Families

(using Paolo’s addin:)
  1. Download and copy dll and addin and copy to C:ProgramDataAutodeskRevitAddins2014
  2. Unblock the DLL (right click Properties in Explorer)
  3. Addin should automatically be available in Revit 2014 without restarting
  4. New Generic Model Adaptive family
  5. Import 3D DWG
  6. Start the Reference Points from 3D DWG command (Addins – External Tools)
  7. Select the DWG
  8. Click Finish in the Options bar
  9. Wait a while – you will get something like this:
Download links:

file DLL and ADDIN that should be copied here:
C: ProgramData Autodesk Revit Addins 2014

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Paolo has “managed to complete tools for conversion from internal units and metric (meters, centimeters and millimeters) for lengths, areas and volumes (LAV).”

Download these and put them in C:AutodeskDynamoCoredefinitions

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