Check it out, pretty amazing stuff. Take a virtual in-browser tour of Sydney Cricket Ground:
SCENE Webshare Cloud

The implications of this technology for facilities management are pretty significant. In some cases, projects may skip the BIM process and go straight from laser scan to FM (where the brief allows for it).

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Full Webinar for FARO Scene 5.3 and Webshare Cloud | FARO UK Blog

A few tips from Adam Sheather:

  • Change your (Recap) temporary folder locations for conversion 
  • If you need to move cloud file between offices, convert them first to lower transfer times.
  • Ask for ptg files for readability
  • Using Remote Desktop services may be an issue if your card doesn’t support at least OpenGL 3.1 for remote services.

Stuff and BIMs: Point Cloud beginer tips

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I was speaking to a surveyor recently and he indicated that he believes in around 2 years time, point clouds will be a “commodity” that almost anyone can produce. Devices to scan 3D spaces are becoming more powerful and more accessible, and essentially anyone can use them.  For example, have you seen Google’s Project Tango?

Along with Recap 360 and other iOS apps for scanning rooms and converting to 3D models, the question soon will not be “how do we scan this?” The question will be:

What do we do with all of this scanned, real world spatial data?

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ATAP Project Tango – Google

The Trimble Scan Explorer Extension dramatically reduces the time required to generate a SketchUp Pro 3D model from scan data. Streamlined tools and one-touch features allow users to quickly extract construction points and lines that are used as a guide to simplify and expedite the modeling process. Automated plane extraction tools further increase modeling efficiency, particularly when modeling building interiors and facades.


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Trimble News Release