Massive free time saver for changing or swapping fonts in a Revit project!

Unfortunately, its not quite ‘everywhere’ – Generic Annotations need to be manually fixed. You can copy a text type to a Generic Annotation by first placing an instance of that text type on a Sheet in the Project.

Download at:
Sofistik Bimtools 2015
Sofistik Bimtools 2016
Sofistik Bimtools 2017

But what about SecretInternal Types?
This tool created another annoying problem for me… it exposed a whole bunch of  ‘secret internal types’ in Revit.

How do we solve the SecretInternalTypes?

Here is what it they look like, along with how to fix them by deleting selectively with Dynamo.


Fixing / removing SecretInternal arrowheads with Dynamo:


Fixing / removing SecretInternal Dimensions with Dynamo:

Removing the arrowheads resulted in a broken Elevation mark:

To fix this, I deleted the broken types and families (the Elevation Circle and Pointer) using the Project Browser, and then Transfer Project Standards – Elevation Types from a known good project.

So, now my fonts are changed and my SecretInternalTypes are fixed 🙂

To map fonts, edit shxfontmap.txt using a text editor. This file resides in the following location: %APPDATA%AutodeskRevit
For each TrueType font to map, add a line with the following format:
  • filename.shx is the name of the AutoCAD SHX font to map from
  • is the TAB key on the keyboard
  • Fontname is the font to be mapped to
Save and close the file.

You do not need to restart Revit for the font mapping to take effect.


Read more / copied from:

If Cleartype is not really working for you (perhaps you are having compatibility issues with Google Chrome and Windows XP 64 bit), then you could try replacing the font renderer with free MacType.

Download from here:
MacTypeInstaller_2012_1022_0.exe – mactype – MacType 1.2012.1022.0 – Ultimate font Rasterizer for Windows – Google Project Hosting

It has lots of different modes and options – but you can use it to selectively replace the font renderer for a single process in “standalone loading” mode.

The result is quite impressive…

“In Revit, the default font is Arial, for example, is therefore the DWG file represent fonts in Arial.
The “shxfontmap.txt” is located at:
C: Users AppData Roaming Autodesk Revit Autodesk Revit 2013
First you should make a backup copy of “shxfontmap.txt” are created, they can then be opened with Notepad.
Note: Please do not use software to edit the file, which could change the formatting of text, such as Word.

At the end of the file is then added to “txt.shx Arial” or “Arial italic8.shx” added.

After the names of the SHX once is “Tab” and then use the new font specified.”

Google Translate
Autodesk BIM Blog – Darstellung von SHX Schriften f�r DWG Dateien anpassen – Revit Architecture/MEP/Structure 2013

Ever wanted to replace a font with a different one in a Revit project, including adjusting all text, dimensions, and labels?

I came across a very handy add-in through the RevitDE blog.  Its called BIMTools, and its from a company called Sofistik.  Here is some translated text from the original blog post:
have to change all text, dimension styles and lettering families…
This can be in a very simple way, the text of all type of label types to adapt quite easily.

RevitDE Blog Post

Here is some further explanation from the company site:
This tool allows all project elements such as text labels, dimensions, beams, columns and wall labels will be changed and adapted in a step within a Revit. Filter functions allow a targeted selection of the desired label text. The tool works across multiple projects such as converting, saving an enormous amount of time while drawing standards.
BIMTools download page (Translate)

Actual German download page

The above text hints at the fact that the replacement is ‘filter based’.

  • After registering, you will get a link to a ZIP file.  After unzipping that file, you will get access to two EXE files – one for Revit 2012, and on for Revit 2012 x64 (64-bit).

  • Run the installation for your version.

NOTE 1:  I was able to select ‘English’ during the installation, but it appears that the add-in is not in English after it is installed!  Anyone know German out there?

NOTE 2:  The installation process adds the BIMTools ribbon to RST 2012, but not to RAC.

Here is a bit of an excerpt from the help PDF that may assist you in interpreting the Ribbon:
Text Change type
With this additional feature you are able to type the text of your dimensions, annotations
and change text of your project on time and to appoint a uniform. The change affects
from here to all families in the project located. 

search for objects that match the filter rules, GE
starts and earnings in the lower left of the dialog box is displayed.

The text type-name can be changed by this function automatically. The advantage here is one
unambiguous syntax and therefore a similar designation of text types. If the name of Textty-
groups want to change so you can uncheck “Rename” is activated.