Have you noticed this little gem?

If you use the Edit command from the Project Browser for a Detail or Model Group, like this:

… then you can use the Load as Group into Open Projects to update the group.  Upon clicking the button, you will be presented with a dialog like this:

Once you click OK, you will be prompted to Update the group:

Pretty handy feature isn’t it?

While editing a Group, you can’t create an Array.  There are two workarounds:

  1. Make the array ‘outside the group’ and then Add it to the Group.  This requires you to Finish Group, make Array, Edit Group, Add… etc
  2. You could use a line based Component as an array ‘guide’ to provide you with the intervals you need, and then Copy Multiple.  If you are in a Detail Group, use a Detail Component, if you are in a Model Group, use a Generic Model.

Here are some links to download my array guide components
These components have two instance properties – one to control the size of the ‘tick’, and one to control how many elements / divisions are in the array.

Download example Detail Component here

Download example Generic Model here

Do you get annoyed by the warning:

Can’t create duplicates in Edit Group mode.

If you are editing a group, and want to make a Duplicate of something, simply scroll to the item in the
Project Browser – right-click – Duplicate.

EDIT (added 5 Dec 2011):

In other words, this tip allows you to create a new Family Type in Edit Group mode. You may get annoyed when you aren’t allowed to make new Family Types when you are in Edit Group mode and Revit just keeps telling you:
Can’t create duplicates in Edit Group mode.

Just use the Project Browser instead – scroll down to the family in question, right click on a Type and Duplicate.  Revit will let you do this, even while in Edit Group mode.