Here it is – my little collection of AU2012 goodies.  Images, videos, cool quotes (and don’t forget the tweets!) – everything from the last couple of weeks that I thought was worth posting is here.  Enjoy!

To open up to as large an audience as possible, there’s no NDA – Autodesk Labs is wide-open to the public
#AU2012 Why Autodesk has a Labs – It is Alive in the Lab

AU Virtual 2012
Most of my experience with AU2012 was either through Virtual or Twitter.  Having viewed a few sessions, here are some things I found interesting:
The Reality of the Cloud – “you can’t protect what you don’t have line of sight” to

Class catalog preview at:

And if you want to try downloading some videos from AU Virtual (scroll down to EDIT2):
How to download videos from AU2012 and AUTV without a download link ( RTMP FLV from ooyala )

Everyone is a designer

Revit Multi-touch

Class Ratings by #ukbimcrew

Revit 2014 features discussed
I also attended the AEC Futures session today to give us a preview of what’s coming in Revit 2014. Unfortunately we are under NDA for that, so I’ll not be giving anything away. I eagerly await the forthcoming release.
AU Wrap Up

Fusion 360
Looks interesting… some more info at:
BIMopedia Online – Benjamin Malone
Models can be uploaded from Revit, Rhino, ArchiCAD you name it – with synchornised results far more accurate than what we are acheiving at the moment. We have been promised a fully interoperable and extremely accurate product to product exchange. Sounds very exciting, and about time too. This promises to be the first truly open BIM platform…

Riverbed bug
Well to my surprise I get a email from one of my Revit users asking why objects are not showing up!
Didn’t think this would happen with Revit! (how naive!).
So we will now evaluate a new pdf driver!
Anyone else ever had this issue with pdf’s?

We are testing a couple projects using Revit Server and have had a couple error messages stating that “This Operation could not be Completed”, after asking around at AU I found out that there appears to be a known issue between Riverbed and Revit Server (wish I had known about it earlier…). anyway apparently the guys at Riverbed are working on a solution, in the mean time I have to look for a work around!
The Revit Jedi: AU and Known and Unknow Issues.

Autodesk Expert Elite program launched at AU
AutodeskCare, Many are called, but few are chosen. Have you met…

Autodesk – Autodesk Expert Elite

Autodesk Expert Elite Terms of Service


Aaron Maller @Twiceroadsfool
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I have a 1.2GB file, runs on 8GB. Have a 200mb file that requires 12GB.

Jason Rostar @jrostar
Note: Students are dirt cheap existing condition modelers via @BrianSkripac…CM-2593, going Mobile with Revit Server- Handout
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3d…FM2589 Handout (tomorrow, 130, Point Cloud to FM class)
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Learn from the best. The following selection of AU Virtual certification preparation classes are now available online.

Autodesk® Revit® Architecture Certification Preparation, Part 1
Autodesk® Revit® Architecture Certification Preparation, Part 2
AutoCAD® Certification Preparation, Part 1
AutoCAD® Certification Preparation, Part 2
Incredible AutoCAD® Civil 3D® Users: Prove Your Credibility with Civil 3D Certification, Part 1
Incredible AutoCAD® Civil 3D® Users: Prove your Credibility with Civil 3D Certification, Part 2
Autodesk® 3ds Max® Certification Preparation, Part 1
Autodesk® 3ds Max® Certification Preparation, Part 2
Autodesk® Maya® Certification Preparation, Part 1
Autodesk® Maya® Certification Preparation, Part 2
Step Up and Get Certified in Autodesk® Inventor®, Part 1
Step Up and Get Certified in Autodesk® Inventor®, Part 2
Mastering the Skills: The Ultimate Autodesk® Certification Preparation Guide Revealed!

View the preparation classes at:
Autodesk University – Certification Preparation Classes

I received my copy of Mastering Revit Architecture 2011 yesterday, and it is truly an impressive tome! I don’t know of any other book that could so fittingly bear the designation ‘Revit bible’. At 1122 pages of Revit Architecture goodness, if it isn’t in this book you probably don’t need to know it.

I am particularly interested in the Revit Certification information. When I completed the Revit 2010 Associate and Professional Certifications, it was a real struggle to find quality information online. Well, having received the book, I don’t need to search aimlessly anymore. This book should certainly help you to prepare for and pass the Revit Architecture 2011 Certifications.

You may remember the ‘Tips and Tricks’ competition that the authors of the book held a while back, and that I was one of the winners. Here is the quote from the book (page 1069):
” What Revit Wants…is an online resource put together by Luke Johnson that is peppered with great tips and workflows with everything from tips on creating graphics to dealing with crashes. See “

If you want to become a true Master of Revit, it seems quite clear that this book will be part of that process. How can you get it? Click on this link or the image below:

And thanks Eddy, James and Phil for all your hard work, and for sharing your vast knowledge and experience.

Some dead links below… here is a current one.

You may be interested in becoming either an ‘Autodesk Certified Associate’ or an ‘Autodesk Certified Professional’. If you are interested, check out the Revit Architecture Exam Guides. Direct link to the Revit Architecture 2010 Certification Exam Guide here.

Other links that you may find useful:
Revit Architecture 2009 Certification Exam Guide
Exam Preparation
AutoCAD Certification Exam Guides