Listen to a conversation about Virtual Construction and the Effect on Team Dynamics and Communication

I was approached by Reza Hosseini, who is currently completing his Phd, to have an interview about virtual construction. 

It is embedded here:

Some of the topics covered:

  • virtual teams
  • technological challenges of trying to work ‘live’ on a cloud model
  • effects of virtuality in teams
  • cultural background and project experience and the effect on teams
  • the size of teams (number of disciplines / stakeholders)
  • accountability for action items (for example, clashes)
  • Revit interoperability (including with Tekla), and using IFC
  • new roles for contractors to do model conversions (as Virtual Built is doing)
  • change management, and the instigators of change
  • is the Client or Head Contractor requesting BIM?
  • using Aconex
  • conflict creation
  • IP issues and contract rights for BIM team members
  • team identity and affiliation
  • level of importance of social interaction
  • skills shortage of BIM users
  • researching BIM, determining unique topics of discussion
  • building trust relationships
  • level of importance of face-to-face contact
  • frequency of communication
  • scaleability of BIM to small projects

I hope the background noise and sounds of cutlery aren’t too distracting 🙂

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