Having problems while Joining Surfaces?

When you use the Join Geometry tool in Revit, you may notice that it sometimes just doesn’t seem to ‘work’. You do everything right, join the two adjacent surfaces – and there is still an ugly join line!

The problem is that Revit only wants to join surfaces correctly IF they are the same material. You could go into each object (floor, wall etc) and make sure all the materials are the same. However, the quick fix is shown below:

  1. Use the Paint tool to apply the same material to the two faces you want to join.
  2. If you have already ‘joined’ the surfaces, you need to unjoin them from each other. With walls, the easiest way to unjoin two objects is to physically disconnect the wall using grips (I do this in 3D). Revit will give you a warning – and you can then Unjoin the elements.
  3. Now, pull the objects back together, so they are in the same plane and they meet at a clean edge.
  4. Use Join Geometry again between the two surfaces – now that they are the same material, Revit is happy to join them properly, and it all works beautifully!

In short, Revit wants joined surfaces to be the same material before it will join them properly.

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Bansri Pandey
Bansri Pandey
13 years ago

Why REVIT needs to use JOIN Geometry so often?
Walls-> beams, Beams->Floor, Floor->walls->columns ..etc.

It is so tiring.. can't we have anything better to make clean working drawings?


11 years ago

Hi,this is Rashid
using pain material Rocks, it almost soled my problem for working drawing elevations,
But dose the same method work for Beam and columns,
please guide on this,
i will be really appreciate.

Chioma Okeke
11 years ago

Hi. I have an issue with wall and floors joining. Especially in 3d views, that line that shows where the wall meets the floor is usually not visible. What do I do to resolve the issue? Can you please mail the answer to me chiek20012002@yahoo.com

8 years ago

I have the same issue. Revit does join two objects together even if they are different materils