Viewing a Schedule of all Painted Surfaces in Revit (including Split Face etc)

Great tip from Philip Chan.  Basically:

  1. Make a Material Take-off / Multi Category
  2. Add the Material: As Paint parameter
  3. Filter by this parameter = Yes (now the schedule is only showing painted surfaces)
From here, you can right click on a row in the Schedule and click “Show” – this will open a relevant view and highlight the element that is hosting the Split Face.  Nice!

Here’s his workflow:
Next window allows me to add fields to my schedule, I then notice there is a field/parameter called “Material: as paint”. Sounds like something suitable in this occasion.

As I move on to the filter tab, something interesting shows up…
I can now set the “Material: as paint” to equal to “Yes”, which means I tell Revit that this schedule only look for the “Paint” surface on all walls; the next filter rule, I can even set it to a specific material to be included in this schedule.

The last thing is to tell Revit to calculate total area for this particular material.

Once this is done. Volia! I can now let Revit to keep track on all my “paint” surface.


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Wahdan Arum Inawati
5 years ago

What is the meaning of FTP?