Are you sick of annoying BIM software fights?

I am.

Ostensibly, they start along the lines of “my firm is implementing new systems, what software should we choose…”  Then, very quickly they become a mud-flinging game of mirrors, misdirected passion and other more general angst (Why does Program X hate me?)  They are littered with sarcasm, attempted yet misunderstood humour, and a few genuine users who take the time to relate their personal experience.

A great example is this ArchiCAD vs Revit discussion.  Please note that it is in the ArchiCAD group (meaning your submissions may be moderated by a pro-ArchiCAD discussion manager).

Another similar discussion:

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Paul F. Aubin
9 years ago

I was following that conversation for a while and just unsubscribed. The haters were too much for me.

Jill Hammerson
9 years ago

Seems most of the people are being disturbed with it! I'm very new here so not so informed or annoyed about it ;). Glad to be here with the hope of something pleasant in your next writing. Good luck.