If you want to print all the .htm or .html files in a folder, you could use the function in Internet Explorer that allows you to ‘Print All Linked Documents’:

To use this, you need to have a HTML document that links to all of the .htm or .html files in the folder.  To automatically generate such a document, you could use this script (you will need to copy the text to a .cmd file, and change the ‘target’ to the folder you want to make a list.htm for):

 (click here for txt version)

This script was taken from the Google Cache of Experts Exchange:

Batch print HTML files : batch, print, html, files

Consider this – using the above tips, you could convert a folder of HTML files to PDFs using the automatic function in PDFCreator

You have two views, and you want a DWG Import or Link to be displayed the same in both views.  What is the quickest way to accomplish this?

  1. Copy DWG from first view.
  2. Paste Aligned into second view.
  3. On second view, right-click in Project Browser.
  4. Apply View Template – then ‘Show Views’
  5. Select the first view.
  6. Uncheck everything except the item related to ‘Import’ visibility.
  7. OK!

Here is a quick video: