Here is a good guide on how to install the Google Earth Extension in AutoCAD.

There is a workflow which allows the topography from Google to be placed into Revit. You could try:
AutoCAD with Google Earth Extension – Export DWG – Import/Link into Revit
Sketchup – Save SKP – Import/Link into Revit

Installing the Google Earth Extension for AutoCAD-based products – It is Alive in the Lab

Updating AutoCAD and Revit can be difficult for a few reasons.  If you are not on subscription, there can be tension between the users and the purchasers of the software – when do we outlay $$$ to do the upgrade?

In that situation, there is often lengthy discussion related to the cost vs benefits of any particular upgrade.

After that discussion is resolved, the next question is – can our current hardware run this new software?

The following comic from Architexts draws on these themes…

There is a plethora of information available on the internet for Revit users and Revit instructors.  However, sometimes you really just want to have training data stored locally.

To save web pages and videos from the Internet, I use Firefox with UnMHT, DownloadHelper and DownThemAll!

Rather than read about how to use all these tools, check out the video below:

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