“information can be provided to the material by linking to a seperately defined property set (by Property Set), or can be input directly into the material (Independent). This allows several materials to share a single set of properties and changes to that property set to propagate to all those materials.

Read the rest of this informative post at:
Revit OpEd: Revit 2012 Materials and Property Sets

Creating an Appearance Library – WikiHelp

Also from the WikiHelp on this subject:
Each material can have two types of properties referred to as aspects: appearance and structural. You can store appearance and structural property sets in their own library. Appearance property libraries adhere to the Autodesk standard Protein format and have the following file extension: .adsklib. 
 Structural property libraries are written in an XML format and have the following file extension: .adstlib. 

When a user appearance property set library is loaded, it is always available in the Materials dialog. Structural user libraries are available per project. They will not load unless you specifically load them into a project. 

You can create new property set libraries in Revit or by creating .adsklib files with an external editing application.
Managing Property Set Libraries – WikiHelp

Autodesk is offering a free upgrade to Autodesk Building Design Suite Premium.  I just got off the phone from our reseller (KarelCAD) and those who currently hold one of the Revit Suite subscription licenses (RAC Suite, RMEP Suite, RST Suite) qualify for this free upgrade.

According to our reseller, this is a limited time promotion for 2 months.

I’m unsure if it is going to be rolled out globally, or if it is just limited to Australia.

This is basically equivalent to Autodesk giving you a free copy of Autodesk® 3ds Max® Design to play with.

Here is the only catch – if you accept this free upgrade, your subscription cost will increase.  In our case, it will be an additional $375 (ex GST) per license per year.  In real terms, I guess it will take quite a few years of paying this increased subscription to actually ‘break even’ with how much it would have cost to buy 3ds Max outright.

Phil Read has posted a confronting analysis of the current state of the BIM software industry.

Here are some quotes I found particularly stimulating:

“When I demonstrated Revit during sales presentations, people were very quick to raise the numerous objections:
  • 3DMax was a better tool for modeling
  • VIZ was a better tool for rendering
  • AutoCAD was a better for detailing and documentation
  • Excel was a better for creating spreadsheets and schedules
And you know what? They were right. And they still right. Compared feature to feature, Revit can’t compete with those kinds of tools.”
” Applications create silos. Exported data means that the everyone is working in separate versions of the truth;”
“…I don’t believe that Revit is capable of evolving beyond it’s designed intent as a tool to resolve coordinated documentation.”
 “Revit isn’t the center of this ecosystem of geometry and data; it seems to orbit other applications (Navis, ProjectWise, etc) that in turn attempt to integrate data across domains.”

Read the entire article:
Arch | Tech: Why Can’t We Be Friends?

Something that isn’t mentioned here is monopolization.  At times we feel that an all-in-one Design/BIM/Documentation/Presentation tool would be awesome.  But where is the competition?  If we all end up using one powerful piece of software (ie. Windows), who makes the developer accountable?

There are lots of Revit content and family sources out there now.  Here is another one…

Revit � BIMstop.com – BIM Content Network

It would be great if there was just one place we could go, and all content was searchable and downloadable from that one place. Seek is still promising, but it doesn’t really have enough content yet.

Let’s combine:

  • manufacturer content
  • donated home-made content
  • Autodesk content (Seek and default)
  • paid content
  • Revitcity content

into one big database…who’s interested?

Here are some direct links to download the videos detailed on this page.

To download them all quickly, use DownThemAll.

To play the FLV files, you may want to use Media Player Classic Home Cinema.

Sustainable Cities

Autodesk Revit Products for BIM-Enabled Sustainable Designhttp://www.aec-projects.com/autodesk-revit-products-for-sustainable-design/content/intro.flv

Conceptual Energy Analysis Screencast

Optimizing Building Designs with Autodesk Revit MEP & Autodesk 3ds Max Design


Revit MEP Sustainable Design – 2010 

REVIT Structure Learning Curve: An Introduction to Sustainable Design in BIM

You are an active Subscription Customer and have upgraded to an Autodesk Design & Creation Suite, and would like to download a previous release of the Suite, or one of Autodesk software components within the Suite.

Autodesk – Autodesk Revit Architecture Services & Support – How to download a previous release of an Autodesk Design & Creation Suite