From the description by uploader Alex Neihaus on Youtube:
 the screens shown were pre-release versions of the product, the music was an original composition (not stock music) and at an AIA convention, Revit rented a 20,000 watt stereo system and mounted it in a 16-foot glass tower to overpower the competition. The video was produced on a then massively sophisticated Avid system with something like 54 layers in Watertown, MA.

Here is the promo video:

I extracted some screenshots out of it, and here they are – prerelease Revit!


There have recently been a few posts in the blogosphere about Revit and Autodesk history.  I have here collected links to some of the more interesting ones, as well as links from previous posts on What Revit Wants that deal with Revit history.

The Building Coder: The Genesis of Revit and its API
This is an excellent history post with interviews from key players.

Phil Read and Revit – history

Arch | Tech: 11 Years Ago (Yesterday)the soft drink machines didn’t even need money!

Autodesk – 30 years of history

BDExpert article (translated)

Previous posts dealing with Revit history:
A li’l bit of Revit history…Part 1

Assume Revit nets $100/mo per subscription. That means they need 5,000 subscriptions just to break even. “The question is,” summarizes Brad, “How long will it take to ramp up to 5,000 subscriptions?”
A li’l bit of Revit history…Part 2

A li’l bit of Revit history…Part 3

First round of venture capital was in 1998.
First lines of code were written in 1998.

A li’l bit of Revit history…Part 4 (Revit 5 Features)

Align, split, trim, offset tools
These editing tools are like their CAD equivalents, but better.

Revit History – Revit Release 3 – AUGI Forums

Revit History – Revit 4.1 packaging

Credit to David Light

Revit History – Revit 4.0 video

Timeline of BIM Software Development
· 1982 – Autodesk was founded
· 1983 – Autodesk Launches AutoCAD version 1.2
· 1989 – Parametric Technology Corporation introduces the first version of Pro / ENGINEER
· 1992 – Autodesk Launches AutoCAD 12 for DOS and becomes synonymous with CAD
· 1997 – Charles River Software founded. Foundation development team came from Parametric Technology Corporation
· Charles River Software renamed as Revit Technology Corporation

Revit Timeline – History of Revit software and companies
1.0 2000 04
2.0 2000 08
2.1 2000 10
3.0 2001 02
3.1 2001 06
4.0 2001 11
4.1 2002 01

Revit 2003 was still pretty great










Steve Stafford tweeted a link to this thread. It shows the major milestones in Revit development, including company acquisitions, product renaming and discipline-specific additions.  For example, here are the release dates of the very early versions:
Revit Technology Corporation
1.0 2000 04
2.0 2000 08
2.1 2000 10
3.0 2001 02
3.1 2001 06
4.0 2001 11
4.1 2002 01

Read more at:
Revit Timeline (W.I.P.) – AUGI

If you want to see a video of version 4:
Revit History – Revit 4.0 video

And here is a screenshot of version 3: