More free Revit content – BIMstop BIM Content Network

There are lots of Revit content and family sources out there now.  Here is another one…

Revit � – BIM Content Network

It would be great if there was just one place we could go, and all content was searchable and downloadable from that one place. Seek is still promising, but it doesn’t really have enough content yet.

Let’s combine:

  • manufacturer content
  • donated home-made content
  • Autodesk content (Seek and default)
  • paid content
  • Revitcity content

into one big database…who’s interested?

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13 years ago

Looks like some of the families that the BIMstop offers are from varies sources (revitcity, Revit Components,and even Autodesk SEEK)
Does it invade any privacy issues???

Luke Johnson
13 years ago

Good question – I'm not exactly sure how they procure content.