WRW HelpDesk – Quickly find path to currently opened file in Revit

Question from Alaa El Kabbany:
I’m asking if anyone knows how to show the local file path on the revit file interface (like autocad)…..is there a way?

Download the Revved tool package from here.  After it is installed, on your Add-Ins bar you can click on ReVVed — Open Folder to access the “local file path” in explorer.

You can download  ReVVed 2011 or ReVVed 2012 or ReVVed 2013 for free. (via PKH Lineworks)

Query via:
What Revit Wants: Revit 2013 Direct Download Links

Also, check out my recommended Revit add-ins on Pinterest.

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11 years ago

This is a good solution to obtain the information but doesn't provide the current filename of the active view along the top of the Revit 'interface' at all times 'like AutoCAD'. e.g.if you have two projects (files)open with multiple windows open in each open within Revit there is no way of displaying the filename of the file containing the current window. Is there a solution for this?

11 years ago

PROBLEM SOLVED. Realised we were looking at a file detached from Central and so without a filename – hence no filename at the top of Revit screen until we did a 'save as'.

Alaa El Kabbany
11 years ago

Thnx for quick replyI've another urgent question:In reflected ceiling view; when tagging all, ceiling tags go above each other and out of room & ceiling borders, so i have to go again for each clg to match its tag & move it above the clg….so time's doubled..So; Is there any way (or a clg family) that when tagging all the ceiling tag comes just above the clg centered and not out the borders….especially when there's more than 1 clg in a room and the plan is too large with too many rooms…so it's a misery doing that….So is there any… Read more »

Lisa Nek
10 years ago

Sometimes in this process we need to use copy long path file. At that time we can use Long Path Tool. This is really helps.