Use a Section Box to quickly find Warning Elements

You have a project with heaps of Warnings / Errors, but you are struggling to find the associated elements.  Here is a quick way:

  1. The first problem is that not all of us can remember 6 random digits easily, but we also can’t copy the element ID direct from the Warnings box (yet).  So… I use Notepad++ (you could easily use Firefox or IE – all of these programs all you to Reload the source error report HTML file when you re-export it).  
  2. Export your Error Report to some neutral location like C:TEMP  
  3. Open the Error Report in Notepad++ / Firefox / IE (you could also use this method if you prefer)
  4. Now you can simply copy the element ID to the Clipboard (Ctrl+C)
  5. Go to a 3D view in which the element will be visible (use the 33 reasons if you need to)
  6. Use Select by ID (tear it off the Ribbon if you like by holding Ctrl)
  7. Paste the Element ID (Ctrl+V)
  8. Use COINS Auto Section Box
  9. Your Warning / Error element will be visible and highlighted
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