Windows 7 and Vista advanced mode – very powerful

(whispers) There is a secret way to enable a advanced user feature in Windows 7 and Vista, and it is extremely simple.

Just make a new folder, and give the folder the following name:

You will find that when you open this folder, it is like a Super Control Panel.

Apparently this does not work in Vista 64 bit, but it does work in 32 bit.

Thanks to PC User magazine and William Archibald for writing this tip in a letter to the magazine.

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Luke Johnson
14 years ago

I tried this in Vista 64 bit and it was very nasty – it didn't work, and resulted in the OS looping through Explorer crashing and restarting…

I didn't want to reboot, so I went Task Manager-Run-Cmd, I navigated to the folder I created the offending folder in, and then typed
rd GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}
rd means Remove Directory

14 years ago

yeah not reccomended in vista 64. This is also just a list of everything you can search through in the start menu, also you can name it anything you like, not just GodMode 😉