The easiest way to become faster at Revit

I’ve been waiting for this!  Keyboard shortcuts can make you ridiculously more productive in any CAD software, and that certainly includes Revit.  Harry has made a little ‘tutor’ program that gives you visual cues on what Keyboard Shortcuts you can and should be using (like Veodin Keyrocket for Windows / Office).

Unfortunately, the full version isn’t free – but I guess the guy has to make a crust somehow 🙂  And I have a feeling that $5 will pay for itself in about half a day of improved productivity.

EDIT: Updated versions 27 Feb 2013
2012 Install 2013 Install Purchase License

Check it out:

“Free version provides reminders for shortcuts that contain the letter “W”. If you find it helpful and want reminders for all shortcuts, please purchase a license.

Read more:
Download the Revit Keyboard Shortcut Tutor today! | Boost Your BIM – making Revit even better

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11 years ago

Invoking commnads (either via keyboard of mouse) is NOT what consumes the bulk of design time in revit – it is instead waiting for the stupid program to regen the view … like autocad 12.

I will try this tutor, but again, I spend most of my time waiting for regens.

Luke Johnson
11 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Sounds like you need some new hardware?

11 years ago

Well, that's not very likely. We have 15 HPZ800 workstations, all with Xeon 5540s, 12 GB RAM, decent video cards, and gigabit throughout. We are an MEP firm, most of our projects are larger (100,000+ sf), our central files are split by discipline, and they are usually larger than 100 mb. We regularly audit, purge unused, compact central, and fix warnings. We have turned off all calculations, and design in wireframe working views. To change the type of a single duct elbow can take anywhere from 15 to 30 seconds, which is just stupid. Revit is intentionally hobbled by autodesk,… Read more »