Super Rail Path Edit Mode

Ok, first of all, this is probably a bug.  But in some ways, it is quite cool.  Do this:

  1. Make a Railing in Revit 2013 with either a Top Rail or a Hand Rail (see here)
  2. Tab select one of the Rails and enter the Edit Path mode.
  3. While in this mode, enter Visibility / Graphics and turn on all Analytical Categories.  You will see various paths and nodes appear on the other Railings in the project.
  4. Now, exit all of the editing modes by pressing Green Tick.
  5. Now, strangely, you can simply select and edit all of the paths on all of these Railings!

A few things:

  • normally, Edit Path only allows you to adjust the end extensions, so this ‘bug’ allows increased functionality
  • I’m sure there could be some scary issues from using this in a widespread fashion
  • Reversing the steps on some other handrail can enable the nodes on the original Path (from step 2)
  • I don’t know how to turn this mode ‘off’ apart from closing the file and opening it back up again…

Check out the video below – or jump straight to the cool part:

What it looks like:

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11 years ago

its kind of a bummer though. any other edits to the railings resets those paths.

9 years ago

is this something Autodesk "fixed" (which sucks, since it's actually a NICE glitch that should be implemented somehow!!)

cause in 15, i can't seem to get this to work.. and this is EXACTLY the tweak i'd need/use right about now..