Glenn Jowett posted some insight into BIM standards development in New Zealand:
Natspec have been commissioned to author the NZ BIM Handbook
The aim is to create a guide that will clarify BIM (on a national level) for all project stakeholders.

The Australian National BIM Guide produced by Natspec will be used as a starting point this decision was made after reviewing a number of countries BIM Handbooks, the Australian one seemed to be the most comprehensive and didn’t have hundreds of pages like some of the others.

(insert joke about NZ copying Australia here… 🙂

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Can be downloaded at this link:

Received via Mark Kelly, Cadgroup Australia Pty Ltd.  It is dated October 2012.  Thanks Mark!

Apparently, this file will be available for general download soon.  In the meantime, Natspec made the following disclaimers:

·       The keynote file is provided on an “as is” and “as available” basis without warranty of any kind.

·       NATSPEC makes no warranty that the file will meet your requirements or expectations.

·       Use of the file is at your own discretion and risk. NATSPEC takes no responsibility for any problems that might arise from its use.

·       NATSPEC does not provide support services for any modelling software. Please contact your vendor for assistance.

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Australian Revit Keynotes and NATSPEC


You may or may not already know that the Australian Revit content includes keynote files for NATSPEC.

I struggle to find keynoting settings every time.

I have previously posted about the NATSPEC BIM Portal

The Natspec Keynotes have been available since at least Revit 2010, possibly earlier:

In relation to ‘element lists’ and Revit standards, the VA BIM Guide is an expansion of the AIA Document E202 BIM Protocol Exhibit – 2008.

You can download a copy via the Web Links/ BIM Standards page of this site [downloads link inserted] (See Main Menu to your left). The VA BIM Guide is the last item in the list. Coincidentally, NATSPEC is in the process of adapting the Guide for Australian use.
National BIM Guide review

The excellent and free Keynote Manager is still available at:
Keynote Manager – Home

The review process for the NATSPEC National BIM Guide has been completed and it is now available for use.
Learn more about the project or download the NATSPEC National BIM Guide document set v1.0. [390 KB]
The associated NATSPEC BIM Object/Element Matrix can be downloaded separately here. [4 MB]

NATSPEC is a specification framework that is widely used here in Australia.  I received an email from Mark Cronin today that alerted me to the significant number of BIM related resources they have developed or facilited.

The main portal link is:

On the projects page you can find links to a number of other resources, such as:
NATSPEC BIM Scheduling project
Start date: 2010 Status: Complete
NATSPEC undertook this project as an initial response to subscribers’ requests to develop a standardised Australian practice for the exchange of digital building information. The goal of the project is to recommend a consistent, systematic approach to allocating properties to BIM objects to facilitate the generation of useful schedules.
View pages about the project
or download the project report.

Further information on BIM scheduling can be found at the Resources page

buildingSMART BIM survey
Start date: 2010 Status: Complete
NATSPEC hosted a survey on current patterns of use of BIM in Australia as part of the economic study commissioned by the Australian Government’s Built Environment Industry Innovation Council (BEIIC) to examine the potential for BIM to improve the productivity of the building sector. (See BEIIC BIM Economic study.)
See a summary of the survey results in Chapter 5 of the BEIIC study report
. Click on link at bottom of page to download

Thanks again to Mark Cronin for the heads-up on this one!