I thought it might be useful to set up a shared folder to allow Navisworks users to upload, download and share resources. The idea here is that lots of Navisworks resources (as listed below) can be exchanged and re-used on future projects. Why should we all keep reinventing the wheel?

Only invited users can upload, while any user can view and download the content. Note: if you are an uploader, keep in mind that this will be globally accessible, so you need to be aware of any IP considerations that may apply. At this point, I’m considering this to be “open source” (with associated licensing conditions). Additionally, I am keeping the guidelines to a minimum, just feel free to share something if you think others could make use of it.

Anyhow, here it is:
Shared Folder Link

There is a readme with some basic guidelines at:
this link

If you would like to be a contributor, feel free to contact me via comment, on Twitter or on LinkedIn.

Here is an initial list of the things that I think will be worth sharing (but there will be more added):

  • Appearance Profiler DATs
  • Clash Test XMLs
  • Find Items XMLs
  • NWF Templates
  • Search Set XMLs
  • Settings XMLs
  • Workspace XMLs

Scenario – you have a TV that only has a LAN port (not wireless), a Netbook that sits in the corner (has been replaced by a tablet), and you want to share Internet to your TV.  You can use the Netbook as a wireless repeater … but not if it is running Windows 7 Starter.

Instead, just use JoliCloud OS Express. You can install it from within Windows (which will create an additional Linux based OS to boot your netbook into), and once installed it is incredibly easy to share internet.

To share your Internet connection, whether cellular or otherwise, 

  • right-click on the same Network Manager icon and select “Edit Connections…”.  
  • Click the “Add” button on either the Wired or Wireless tab, depending on which way you plan to share your Internet connection.  Give the new connection a descriptive name like “Shared Internet Connection”.  
  • On the IPv4 tab, select “Shared to other computers” as the Method.  Click “Apply”.

Reboot your netbook.  After you sign in, activate the Internet connection in the Network Manager menu if it is not automatically activated.  It might also be necessary to manually activate your “Shared Internet Connection” by clicking on the corresponding Network Manager menu entry.
You should now be actively sharing your Internet connection with your home network.

Netbook Internet Connection Sharing — Despite Windows 7 Starter � Van’s Hardware Journal

In essence, you are turning a netbook into universal wireless adapter – I’m sure some of you will find this useful.