Just in case you missed it, Update Release 3 is available for all 4 Revit flavours (links below).

Key fixes (as per documentation):

  • Improves stability when using Hardware Acceleration, Graphics Mode.   
  • Improves stability when opening projects which utilize Extensible Storage.
  • Improves visual fidelity between canvas and printed output.   
  • Improves visual fidelity of hidden lines, MEP pipe centerlines and haloed gaps when not using Hardware Acceleration, Graphics Mode.   
  • Improves Structural family data integrity during upgrade of project.
  • Improves data integrity when canceling Save As operation.
  • Improves interaction between Revit Server 2013 and Riverbed compression.
  • Enables users to browse Revit Server Networks when a bound workstation cannot contact the Domain Controller.  

 Dave Baldacchino informs us that this update includes the Hotfix that fixes some nasty non-WYSIWYG bugs (when printing in vector):
Anyway, I also checked that the recent Update 3 (for OneBox)incorporates this hotfix as well, so just skip it altogether and install Update 3 as fast as you can. There are separate downloads for the stand-alone packages.

Link for RVT (Onebox):

Link for RAC:

Link for MEP:

Link for RST:

I guess the fact that we are receiving a significant update to 2013 after getting 2014 will be a further warning to some users to delay the 2014 rollout…

Revit 2013 is not officially supported on Windows 8 – though maybe you have been able to get it to install and run correctly?  Have you tried updating Revit to the latest version?  Did you have to disable Hardware Acceleration?  Share your experience in the comments…

One support blog tells us of a “customer who reported that he was trying to install Revit Structure 2013 on his new computer with Windows 8 operating system and it would not open.  The customer then installed update 2 and their Revit Structure opened.”
Revit 2013: Cannot install Revit 2013 on Windows 8 – IMAGINiT Technologies Support Blog

Now that Update 1 for Revit 2013 is out, some of the larger firms will be deploying Revit 2013 for the first time across their corporation.  Some of the smaller firms perhaps started using the new version as soon as it became available – they can live with doing some updates on a PC-by-PC basis, and they can live with some minor crashes.

What does your firm do?

Most (IT & Project Teams) agree that they will wait until the first service pack…re-patching an installed release is disruptive. 
What is the Best Timeline for Upgrading Revit Software | Bradley BIM

I received an interesting email from fellow Revit professional, Kale Munster – see below:
Something that you might like to add to your blog. I have done a pretty severe stress test on the sketch edit mode overnight with approximately 5000 edits and it was stable (Revit Structure). One unfortunate thing that is back to happening is that the contextual “finish sketch” buttons decide to disappear again. This is as a result of double clicking on a family. Once the family opens and you return to the main file, they disappear. Easiest work around I have found is in the blog post below:
Kale Munster

The workaround from Do-U-Revit that Kale links to should help in the short term. Here’s a quote:
“The second method makes the panels reappear so you can continue editing the sketch or finish/discard; here’s how you do it:

  1. Start a new family, pick any one;
  2. Load it into your project;
  3. Once you get the error that it cannot be placed in this mode, hit Ctrl+z to undo.

For some reason the panels come back. Obviously, do not switch back to the open families or you’ll lose them again!”
Alternatively, you could use my method, which is to apply a Keyboard shortcut to all of the ‘Finish’ commands.  See link and image below:
Disappearing ‘Finish Sketch’ or ‘Finish Mass’ Ribbon Elements