There is apparently over “20000 pages of documentation” that will be released, along with videos and 3D asset files.

It could be interesting to see how this release intersects with the development of Revit standards and Revit content globally…

The Autodesk Creative Commons “Area”:
AREA | creativecommons

“The group adopted the Creative Commons licensing which means 20,000 pages of documentation, 70 videos and 140 downloadable 3D asset files are now ready to be modified, remixed and shared globally.”

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Autodesk makes huge trove of docs, training materials and 3D asset files available under Creative Commons – Boing Boing

As per the above Autodesk page, “More content to come soon…”

First of all, this was a bit too funny not to share:

Finally!  I am now subscribed to BIM itself!  What will this new entity reveal?  Has BIM become self-aware?

Enough of that…

From the BIM/IPD [AUS] website:
The Australian Institute of Architects and Consult Australia formed a BIM and IPD Steering Group in mid-2011 with participation of leading experts from architecture, engineering and construction. The purpose of this group is to develop resources and guidelines for practitioners in the Australian building industry. The Steering Group has formed four Working Groups with focus on particular themes to jointly produce material that will be managed and updated via this website.

There are a few handy resource pages, including the following:


Check out the big list of BIM Resources at the following BIMtoField Page:

  • BIM Project Execution Planning Guide, Penn State – If you have time to read only one resource, this is the one. The Penn State team just released version 2.0 of the BIM Execution Plan in June 2010. This guide includes a complete outline of BIM implementation.
  • National institute of Building Sciences (NIBS) – Focused on gathering a number of organizations from government, professional, industry, labor and consumer interests. There are two projects that are of particular interest to the BIM community.
    • BuildingSMARTalliance – A council of the National Institute of Building Sciences and a driving force behind industry leading projects on a number of fronts.


Read more –

I was interested in what I could find on Scribd to do with Revit – turns out there are some resources available. Have a look at some of the search results here:
autodesk revit architecture essentials search

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Here are some direct links:

Resource page at Sybex (CD resources)