Sometimes you have a bunch of model objects of different categories and you want to quickly change the Phase Created of all of them at once.  And sometimes, I find that the persistent Properties in Revit doesn’t always reveal ‘Phase Created’ when objects of different categories are selected (this is in Revit 2013 – more investigation required).

In any case, to quickly change the phase of lots of model objects:

  1. Go to a Plan View
  2. Group the objects you want to re-phase
  3. Duplicate the active plan view.  Change the phase of the new view to the ‘target phase’ of the objects (the phase you want to change them to)
  4. Go back to the original Plan View (from step 1)
  5. Ctrl-X or Cut
  6. Go to the new Plan View (from step 3)
  7. Paste Aligned – Same Place
  8. All of the objects have now adopted the Phase Created value from the duplicated Plan View


Great tip from Troy Gates over at AUGI:

You could mimic the previous properties box by floating it over your working area and toggling it on and off with the keyboard shortcut (PP, VP or CTRL-1) or by closing with the X and reopening with right-click -> properties.

Troy Gates
Design Technologies Manager

Over the next few weeks, you are going to be flooded with information about the new versions of Revit. Rather than posting extremely detailed and exhaust-ive (-ing) blog posts, I thought I would give you some very concise information about some New Features in Revit 2011. Starting with:

The Persistent Properties Palette

Finally we can now choose to show a Persistent Properties Palette! Some features of this item:

  • When nothing is selected, this Palette shows the Properties of the current view, which allows for quick and easy editing of View related items (View Range etc)
  • When you choose to insert a component (Door, Window etc), you use this palette to ‘choose’ which family and type you wish to insert.
  • When you select an item, the properties for that item are displayed and can be modified.
  • If there is a thumbnail version of an item available, this palette will display the thumbnail.

Stay tuned for more Revit 2011 Secrets, and bring on April 8th!