Let’s say you have 50 sheets with one viewport on each, and you want to nudge all those viewports around the sheet a little bit. Difficult?

  1. Use a couple of nodes from Bakery to grab the Viewport elements based on a name search (also thanks to Rhythm package creator John Pierson)
  2. Now you have the element IDs in the clipboard, go back to Revit and Select by ID. Paste.
  3. You now have all of those viewports selected, and can move them all at once!

“In your title block family, create horizontal and vertical grid lines, equally spacing the entire title block into modules, per your standards or preference. It is recommended that you create a different Object Style for these lines (Manage tab, Object Styles), to differentiate them from other annotation linework (Figure 2).”

” this grid has many advantages over the standard guide grid. Primarily, it allows for varied width versus height grid modules, and hence, it allows for graphical linework, such as boxing out detail views.”

Revit: A Neater Alternative to the Guide Grid | AUGI: