Stewart Millar has contributed to the parameter naming debate / dialogue by providing a set of files from CESABIM.

 The development of the CESABIM Database has been principally based on the FCSI North American standards for shared parameters. CESABIM currently exists in this format with slight adjustments of metrication.

Files for Download here


I previously re-posted about some of challenges of adopting Revit in the foodservice industry at Revit: Problem Or Solution?

A recent ‘tips’ post provides a couple of good guidelines, namely:

When working in Revit, focus on the families. Understand that families are everything…


Check the FCSI standards before beginning. (click the link to download PDF)

Read more at:
Tips for Adopting 3D Modeling Technology for Foodservice – Foodservice Equipment & Supplies

An interesting little article that relates to the food service industry and the fact that Revit is something they may not want, but will have to deal with.

Because Revit was not specifically developed for the foodservice industry, it presents a steep learning curve for design consultants and equipment distribution channel companies. This concern is reinforced by the fact that no single standard for Revit applications to foodservice facility design projects has yet emerged, leaving industry members to sort among different erstwhile providers claims and features to determine whether to go with “VCR” or “BetaMax.”

Revit: Problem Or Solution? | – The Schechter Report –