For example, there is this 2002 course on Computational Design for Housing, and you can download a ZIP file containing all of the Study Materials.

A few other courses of interest:
Computational Design I: Theory and Applications, Fall 2005

Inquiry into Computation and Design, Fall 2006

Drawings & Numbers: Five Centuries of Digital Design, Fall 2002

Just click on the Download Course Materials link in the left sidebar of any of the OpenCourseWare pages to access the ZIP package for that course:

Check out more architectural courses at:
Architecture | Courses | MIT OpenCourseWare

DesignReform have recently posted a series of videos on Computational Design.  You can browse all videos related to Rhino at the following link.
DesignReform – Learning – Rhino

Here is a link to the first in the Computational Design series:
Intro to Comp. Design – 1.1 Curves and Lines
This is the first video in a series of our Introduction to Computational Design class.  We will start out with Rhino and Grasshopper and get into Python scripting.  Session One is an introduction to Rhino.  In this video we set up a framework of Curves and Lines to use as a structure for exploring the basics of Rhino geometries.
Media files Caseinc-11CurvesAndLines697.mp4

If you are particularly interested in Grasshopper, check out the series starting at 2.1:
Intro to Comp. Design – 2.1 Installing Grasshopper
We start off by installing the Grasshopper plug-in to Rhino.
Media files Caseinc-21InstallingGrasshopper516.mp4

Using Firefox and Downthemall, I could quickly download all of the *.mp4 files from the following feed address:
Direct link to feed

Google Reader link