In Revit, you cannot easily transfer Dependent views from one Revit project to another. Here’s one way you might workaround this issue:

  1. Make them Independent by using Duplicate with Detailing (resultant duplicate is Independent), you can do this for a batch of Dependent Views using Bonus Tools. Or you can do it slowly, one by one, using the right click and Convert to Independent option.
  2. Select those new independent views and save as selection set with Dynamo (see image below). Load the selection Set and Ctrl+C. Note: this method allows you to Copy all of the required plan Views directly to Clipboard, without having to select Crop Regions as would normally be required…
  3. Paste Aligned – Selected Levels into the target model
  4. Copy View Templates if necessary, you can use this method for individual templates
  5. Reapply any View Templates as necessary

Note: applied Scope Boxes should automatically be copied with the views

I have posted about KiwiCodes Bonus Tools before, particularly the Excel and data tools. A Sheet Revisions manager has recently been added to the toolset. Check out how quick and easy it is to add revisions to sheets with this:

Honestly, if you have $35 to spend on Revit addins, this Bonus Tools package is definitely what I would spend it on…

Versions for 2013, 2014 and 2015 in one install package:
Bonus Tools | Autodesk Revit | Autodesk Exchange Apps

Video playlist showing all of the Bonus Tools in action:


Clash Report XML to Revit:

In some ways, vanilla Revit is like the base model option package of a new vehicle – no shiny wheels, 20 speaker sound system, or sports handling package.  But some add-ins can make you feel like you are driving the top of the range, fully optioned model …

Here are just a few of the things the KiwiCodes Bonus Tools lets you do:

  • determine the “source” file path to RFAs of loaded Families and re-path family files
  • replace Groups with Families
  • create Floor elements from Room boundaries
  • duplicate Sheets and the Views that reside on them
  • add points to a Topo from a selected Family
  • create an outline edge of a Topo element (these can be 2D or 3D lines!)
  • Export Template and Import Room Data from Excel (including adding Room Placeholders) – bit timesaver
  • Convert a Navisworks XML report into clash points and 3D views placed on sheet(s)
  • and there is much, much more…

For the sheer amount of timesaving and productivity tools included, the low price represents good value for money.

To download a trial of KiwiCodes Bonus Tools, go to:

For more details on the tools included:
Bonus Tools Details