Bonus Tools for Revit 2015 + video playlist (Sheet Revisions manager, Clash Report XML import to Revit and more)

I have posted about KiwiCodes Bonus Tools before, particularly the Excel and data tools. A Sheet Revisions manager has recently been added to the toolset. Check out how quick and easy it is to add revisions to sheets with this:

Honestly, if you have $35 to spend on Revit addins, this Bonus Tools package is definitely what I would spend it on…

Versions for 2013, 2014 and 2015 in one install package:
Bonus Tools | Autodesk Revit | Autodesk Exchange Apps

Video playlist showing all of the Bonus Tools in action:


Clash Report XML to Revit:

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9 years ago

have an email address? i just made one up (quickly) in Dynamo if you want to have a look / play with it.