Having some problems with a Railing that will not show up in a Detail View unless balusters are added to it!  Video:

I’m almost certain this is related to this previously posted bug:
Extents of Revit 2013 Railings bug – when no balusters exist in definition

More on Revit 2013 railings:
Automatic and Manual Railing Support locations in Revit 2013

Revit 2013 railings – almost 7 months old, but have you used them?

Did you know that there is a different style of Railing description?  This style does NOT have a ‘Baluster Placement’ dialog box.  The only Baluster settings in this form of Railing are essentially to select a Baluster family and set a separation (see image).

If you want to use this simpler type of railing definition, you can still download a sample file from Autodesk that includes this older method.

Link to download the file here.

Lightweight version here

Sample file index page:
Revit Instruction & Help SamplesRevit SamplesMetric

This issue is similar to using legacy mass forms in newer versions of Revit.