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By clicking Service Packs and Fixes, then Revit Products, I discovered this little gem:

Autodesk CAD- and BIM- Standard Tool for Revit | Revit Products | Autodesk Knowledge Network
The tool provides extended functionalities of DWG and DXF export in addition to Revit´s “out of the box” Export. Some examples are:

  • Define *.dwt template for export
  • Implement layer standard
  • Assign objects and components (e.g. wall layers) to AutoCAD layers
  • Include material information automatically to layer names
  • Assign categories, families and even types to AutoCAD layers
  • Create blocks with attributes from tags
  • Replace tags or symbols by pre-defined blocks with in the *.dwt template
  • Process doors and windows with ÖNORM tags to DWG

There is also the ability to convert polylines from DWG files linked to a Revit project to space boundaries and rooms.

Heads-up via Support | ATG

EDIT try this link first and click Start once the pane loads:

From CADsoft consulting:
Go to http://www.autodesk.com/
select the Customer Service button at the bottom of the home page.

Customer Service

Select the ASK button on the next page and the Virtual Agent will launch giving you access to a Download Links selection, as well as other choices.
Virtual Agent
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Interestingly, the Virtual Agent also has a “Top 10 Downloads of the Week” option.  The result is pretty interesting: