You probably won’t find Autodesk 360 Desktop sync install package for download online, but you can install it “standalone”.

  1. Find some Autodesk install media
  2. Look for a subfolder named Cloudsync (make sure it is beneath x64 or x86 as appropriate for your system)
  3. Copy this folder to USB or a network location
  4. Run the file AdSync.msi on the PC you want to install Autodesk 360 on
  5. After install, you will need to restart
  6. After restarting, you may need to sign in using your Autodesk ID

I have previously described how to use Autodesk 360 as a cloud storage location for Revit (and any application) here:
Access Autodesk 360 files in any application, including Revit

Some paths that may assist – these were from BDSU2015:


  1. You can access and join the tech preview here
  2. Login with your Autodesk account
  3. Accept terms and conditions (notice that Fusion is mentioned here…)
  4. Go to your email and click on the confirmation link
  5. You will also get an email with a myhub link
  6. Create a Project
  7. Click Upload
  8. If the file is something that Autodesk 360 Viewer can handle, just go to Data and then click on the uploaded files thumbnail – the viewer should load

I tried uploading a Revit file and it was very smooth to navigate. You can click on the toolbar at the bottom and show model structure (3 squares in a tree view), or click on the gears and turn on the ViewCube.

Just for the fun of it, I uploaded and viewed this model:

With features for team communication and wiki, it is obvious that Autodesk 360 intends to be more than just a file sharing and viewing tool.

Tech Preview page

Scott’s post (with lots of insight on DWF and Design Review):


Upload video:

When Autodesk 360 is installed (current version is, it creates a “special” Autodesk 360 link that lives directly under My Computer.  Additionally, certain Autodesk applications can directly access Autodesk 360 using a special link.

However, some current Autodesk applications do not seem to have direct access to Autodesk 360 via any special “links”.  What to do?

  • In Windows Explorer, open the special Autodesk 360 link (which has your Autodesk login name appended), and then
  • right-click on a subfolder and
  • select Open in New Window
  • Now, click in the address bar and the “location” should be revealed…

In my case, it was:
C:UsersLuke JohnsonAppDataLocalAutodeskAutodesk SyncCloudluke.johnson

So, yours should be:
C:UsersyourWindowsUsernameAppDataLocalAutodeskAutodesk SyncCloudYourAutodeskLogin

I know its not rocket science, but you can now use this path to access Autodesk 360 from any application.

You could also add this address to your Revit My Places list, and then modify the name of it in the Registry to be Autodesk 360 🙂

This is the current tree node for editing Revit 2014 My Places names:
HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareAutodeskRevitAutodesk Revit 2014ProfilesAllAnavDialogs

Hypothetically, the above method allows you to Link a CAD file from your local sync of your online Autodesk 360 data directly into a Revit project.

Interesting comment:
Autodesk Remote is another option, at least for Autodesk Subscription customers. I’ve used it in conjunction with Dropbox / Google Drive to remote and transfer files

Posted by: Aurbis 


Along similar lines – Using Autodesk 360 for file sharing, including an embedded viewer:

Another new cloud offering from Autodesk, specifically tailored for manufacturing.  Links and details below.

Mockup 360™ has now publically launched and is available for a limited time as a Free, 90-day trial. 

To get started you can download the new client from here.

Quick Start Video
Watch this introduction to Mockup 360 that will show you how to get your data in, and start collaborating in no time.

Join the Community
Get answers and share knowledge on the Mockup 360 Community Forum.

Mockup 360 offers:

  • Open collaboration for manufacturing workflows
  • Large-scale 3D aggregation
  • Powerful clash analysis and fast setup
  • Full use of Mockup 360 for 90 days
  • No credit card required
This update applies to Autodesk 360 desktop companion if your version is to
To see your version of your 360 desktop companion: log into Autodesk 360, right-click on the system tray icon and select preferences (the version is listed in this dialog).
Fixes in this live update include but are not limited to:

  • Better Inventor file and folder structure support
  • Customer Error Reporting Support
  • Performance fixes
  • Stability Improvements

Please close all applications before installing and restart after installing. Be sure to install the correct update (32-bit or 64-bit) for your operating system.

More information about Autodesk 360 desktop companion can be found at the Autodesk 360 FAQ.

Autodesk – AutoCAD Civil 3D Services & Support – Live Update 1 for Autodesk 360 desktop companion

Autodesk certainly faces the Innovators Dilemma – particularly with regard to cloud technology (think of them supporting VEO while building 360).  Phil Read includes the following footnote on page 16 of his AB2340 handout:

*  Clayton Christensen refers to this as the “Innovators Dilemma”: Internal competition that cannibalizes existing, successful processes are discouraged. Apple is one of the few businesses that will actively cannibalize successful products. The philosophy is that since their competition is trying to do this, the best way to compete is to do it better. Be the best in the world at making successful products obsolete.

PDF Download: 


And yes, its was difficult for me to post something that puts Apple in a positive light 🙂

Did you know that you have an offline copy of your Autodesk 360 Cloud data?  It lives here:
C:UsersUSERNAMEAppDataLocalAutodeskAutodesk SyncCloudCLOUDUSERNAME

If you put a file in this folder, it will automatically get Synced to your online 360 account.  It doesn’t seem to matter what the filetype is – it uploaded my something.whatever file quite happily.

I assume there is a system setting somewhere that sets the sync interval.

In any case, you could make a shortcut to this folder on your Desktop and use it as online file storage, if you so desire…

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