Have you considered Using Autodesk Remote for File Transfer?

Interesting comment:
Autodesk Remote is another option, at least for Autodesk Subscription customers. I’ve used it in conjunction with Dropbox / Google Drive to remote and transfer files

Posted by: Aurbis 


Along similar lines – Using Autodesk 360 for file sharing, including an embedded viewer:

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Paul O'Brien
10 years ago

Sadly, I gave up on Autodesk Remote after experiencing various crashes, video quirks, and sub-par performance.

Fortunately, Chrome Remote Desktop works incredibly well over the same set of internet connections. In Revit, I experience about a .5s to .25s delay every few minutes. Because this mild delay occurs during computationally expensive operations, I hypothesize that the cause is less of a function of available bandwidth than the instantaneous load on the remote computer's CPU. (You know, because it's 2014 and the USA's most popular BIM application doesn't use GPU processing for things GPU processing is perfectly suited for.)