Download a suitable image such as Android-x86 5.1 rc1.vdi from:
Android x86 VM images for VMware and VirtualBox

Attach it to a Linux image in VirtualBox, my settings below:

Depending on your host hardware, you might want to Disable Mouse Integration (little icon at the bottom of the screen), and install an app like Rotation Locker from the Play Store so that you can force the screen rotation to portrait or landscape.

Once installed you should be able to access the Play Store from your Windows PC and install apps into the Android VM:


Moustafa Khalil has freely released an Android app and a Revit listener addin that essentially accomplishes a site-to-Revit connection for RFI input into Revit. Essentially, you install the Revit addin, setup the FTP connection, login on the Android app and then take some pictures of RFIs from site. You then add some comments and data to the photo submission, and this is automatically captured into Revit through the FTP site and Revit addin.

Its an interesting approach to this problem. Amazing what someone can accomplish when they think a little outside the box and connect a few different technologies. Nice work.


Download links from Moustafa:
I have uploaded the two applications Mobile and Revit on these 2 sites:
Mobile app:
Revit APP:

via SUPER RFI | Architecture For Humanity

vbox86tp version with gapps & houdini & flash:
In VirtualBox, import the OVA appliance.  Then, you may need to disable mouse integration and allow Android to update itself on first boot.
Once it has booted, you should be able to login using your Google account and access the Play Store to download and run Android applications.


More info:

Just use Bluestacks:

After installing the program and performing all the requisite login / setup steps, you will essentially have an Android emulator running – you can browse and search the Google Play Store (and other Android app stores), install apps and use them in either full screen or window mode.

While on the subject of Android applications, if you want to download an APK file from the store, you may want to try APK Downloader beta.  It can only be used on free, not paid, apps.