Schedule Calculated Value struggling with missing parameters and values FIX

Martijn de Riet has pointed out something very useful when you are trying to use a Calculated Value to pull together a bunch of similar-but-different parameters.  If you come across an error, don’t forget about the ‘Add to all elements in the selected categories’ check box in the Parameter Properties dialog.

The Problem:
When you create the first (window) schedule you’ll notice a whole bunch of width parameters, all referencing the total width of different windows (fig 1)
After creating the schedule you figure: let’s create a “scheduled width” parameter which adds up all those separate width parameters. This way you can clean up your schedule (fig 2). Only to find that it won’t calculate. In this case, the family “ontwerpraam doesn’t have the parameter “breedte_vo” so in the schedule it returns no value. Therefor, the total cannot be calculated (fig 3).

The Solution:
Open the schedule properties, go to the Fields Tab, select the parameter causing problems and click Edit.
In the Parameter Properties, check the checkbox “Add to all elements in the selected category”, select the category “windows” and choose whether it should be an Instance or Type Parameter (fig 4).
The parameter is now accessible in the schedules, even with the families it’s not actually in. You can now fill in a value and the Scheduled Width parameter will calculate properly (fig 5). It will even show up in the family’s properties (fig 6).

The Original Forum Post:
Push parameters in the project environment

Thanks Martijn de Riet!!

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