Revit Journal Folder getting clogged up and very big?

Mine was at 3.2 gb today (see image):

This is just a little reminder to periodically check your journal file folder and delete any old backups and journal files.

You may be interested in this Autodesk support link:
Location of journal files

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12 years ago

Chris (Mr Spot) Price " My computer doesn't even have a journal folder for 2012. Its really strange, only gets placed in really bizarre Unique ID folders… " 2 days ago

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Luke Johnson
12 years ago

Could it be the 'way' you are accessing the folders?
"CSIDLs provide a uniform way of identifying and locating special folders, regardless of their name or location on a particular system… Each special folder has a unique CSIDL assigned to it. For example, the Program Files file system folder has a CSIDL of CSIDL_PROGRAM_FILES, and the Network Neighborhood virtual folder has a CSIDL of CSIDL_NETWORK."

Getting a Folder's ID (Windows)