Revit and points in DWG files when making topography

Sometimes you may have trouble using a DWG that contains ‘points’ to create a Revit topography.

There are two main ways around this.

Here is a LISP routine to export points in a DWG to CSV file: 

These points can then be imported when making a Revit topography by selecting ‘Specify Points File’ on the Ribbon.

via | Topo point does not import?

Alternatively, you can Replace the points with some other object that Revit will make use of more easily (for instance, a block with some very short lines).  To do this, use the ‘RP’ LISP routine from the following post:
Re: Replace point with block/object – Autodesk Discussion Groups

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12 years ago

ah, the lisp for exporting out a point file will certainly come in handy! Much rather have that in an archive than a dwg with blocks. Thanks for posting the link!