Revit 2011 Secret #5 – Isolate Elements can have a Keyboard Shortcut

One of the most annoying limitations of Keyboard Shortcuts in 2010 was that it was impossible to apply a shortcut for Temporary Hide/Isolate – Isolate Element.

Thankfully, this irritating omission has been corrected in 2011.

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Tim West
14 years ago

Great to hear that it is back. Correction though, It is accessable in 2010. As long as you don't install the subscription advantage pack.

Tim West
14 years ago

Yay, I use this command heaps!!?!

To clarify though, this was shortcuttable in 2010. It was the installation of the subscription advantage pack (and the new live keyborad shortcut dialogue box) that blew it away. The pack that was uninstallable…. Grrrr…. then Yaaaay its back…