Free Revit Journal Analysis Program (Keyboard Shortcut Use)

Jose Guia has also responded to the challenge. Here is a direct link to the program he created:

EDIT: Jose’s blog seems to be down, here is a link that works

He has done a nice job – his program is a little bit more advanced than Rod Howarth’s version. He includes a few more statistics, and the folders are already setup for RAC.  It also links into the Revit Forum thread.

This is a scary stat from my analysis:
Total times you used the ESCAPE KEY          : 8520  (387 presses on average per session)

Here is his blog post: | Revit Journal Analysis and Parsing Program (Rank Keyboard Shortcut Use)

Here is the Revit Forum post.  You can put your results here.
Revit Journal Analysis and Parsing Program (Keyboard Shortcut Use)

Give it a go.

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Jose Guia
13 years ago

Thanks, for sharing ;-).

I'm always up for a good challenge, feel free to send any future ones my way .. also .. check out the command prompt when you get a chance.. curious to ear your thoughts.