Quickly Translate Revit project data into another language

Here is an interesting idea from Daniel Monsén: in the video below, he describes using bimframe connect (which I previously posted about a couple of times, including here) to translate data for a Revit project.

In simple steps:

  1. Export a given schedule (such as rooms) using bimframe connect addin to Google Sheets
  2. Use the googletranslate formula to translate the data from the source to a given target language
  3. Copy the translated over the top of the original source data
  4. Import the translated data back into Revit using bimframe connect

The one comment I would make in addition to the video embedded below – if you want to quickly apply a formula to an entire column worth of data in Google Sheets, you should definitely use ARRAYFORMULA. If you put an array formula in the top row of a given column, it will apply itself to every cell in that column. For example:
=ArrayFormula( GoogleTranslate( B2:B ; “en” ; “nl” ) )


via email:

From: Daniel Monsén
Subject: Translate a Revit project into another language.

Hi Luke.

I hope everything i fine.
I just want to see if you seen our trick to translate a revit file to another language, using bimframe connect. 
Maybe something for your blog?
Med vänliga hälsningar / Best regards
Daniel Monsén
Sr BIM advisor

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