After Google Reader was decommissioned, I was happy to find that inoreader was an excellent replacement. But one feature was missing: free and easy RSS Feed Translation. Did you know you can deploy your own Google Script to translate RSS feeds, and then subscribe to them in your preferred RSS Reader (like inoreader?)

Here are the steps, from

  1. Open the Google Script and choose File -> Make a copy to create a personal copy of that feed translation script into your Google Drive.
  2. Replace the source language (line #4), the target language (line #7) and the RSS feed URL (line #10) with your own values. (some language codes here)
  3. Go to File -> Manage Versions and choose Save a new version. You may leave the description field blank.
  4. Go to Publish -> Deploy as Web App, choose “Anyone, even Anonymous” under “Who can access the app” and click the Deploy button.

Google Script will now offer you a link to the web app. That’s actually the new URL of the translated RSS feed which you can directly subscribe in Google Reader or any other news reader app like Reeder, Flipboard, etc.

If you wish to translate another RSS feed, or offer the same feed but in another language, just go back to step #1.

How to Translate RSS Feeds with Google Scripts

Here is an interesting idea from Daniel Monsén: in the video below, he describes using bimframe connect (which I previously posted about a couple of times, including here) to translate data for a Revit project.

In simple steps:

  1. Export a given schedule (such as rooms) using bimframe connect addin to Google Sheets
  2. Use the googletranslate formula to translate the data from the source to a given target language
  3. Copy the translated over the top of the original source data
  4. Import the translated data back into Revit using bimframe connect

The one comment I would make in addition to the video embedded below – if you want to quickly apply a formula to an entire column worth of data in Google Sheets, you should definitely use ARRAYFORMULA. If you put an array formula in the top row of a given column, it will apply itself to every cell in that column. For example:
=ArrayFormula( GoogleTranslate( B2:B ; “en” ; “nl” ) )


via email:

From: Daniel Monsén
Subject: Translate a Revit project into another language.

Hi Luke.

I hope everything i fine.
I just want to see if you seen our trick to translate a revit file to another language, using bimframe connect. 
Maybe something for your blog?
Med vänliga hälsningar / Best regards
Daniel Monsén
Sr BIM advisor