Let’s All Agree that Using Detail Lines for Grids is Really #BadRevit

Hey, I know we sometimes can’t agree on things like OpenBIM and Revit Vs ArchiCAD and Shared Parameter Standardisation

But let’s all agree never to use Detail Lines as Grids, ever again, ok? (You know who you are…)

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6 years ago

huh! really!? That’s nothing compared to the creativity of my students. I audited there submitted models last week and found one model with a section. Went to double click that section and the group editor opened…. Yup, they made a detail group of a fake section head. They even made it blue! #badrevit

Pieter Schiettecatte
Pieter Schiettecatte
6 years ago

Nice one 🙂 Another one I’ve seen: using multi segmented grid lines to create an elbow. Wouldn’t be a huge thing except multi segmented grid lines can’t be assigned to scope boxes…